How It Works ..
Our methods are simple, fast and effective. We’re humane and dog friendly and we never use choke chains, shock collars, clickers or drugs to train our dogs.

Why It Works ..
When you train a dog using leadership techniques that they understand and accept, everything else comes easier including response to obedience & behavior.

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Contact us today to discuss how we can help you move forward with your dog. You’ll teach them to look to you as the leader and you’ll get their behaviors under control.
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We Specialize In Dog Behavior & Obedience

Dog Behavior Modification
Phoenix Dog TrainingWe’ll help you get your dog’s poor behaviors under control right away and our methods help speed up a dog’s learning curve. They learn faster, they behave better.

Dog Obedience Training
Our ultimate goal with our dog is verbal control. Teaching and working obedience commands helps us get there. We make the exercises fun for you and your dog.

Leash & Social Manners
We’ll help you get control of your dog’s behaviors in public and in social settings. No more pulling on the leash, proper greetings with guests and manners at mealtimes.

Unlimited Sessions, Lifetime Support And Our Entire Program Is Online For Our Clients.
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